What is WeR1?

WeR1 is a software platform that connects with Brands that pay YOU commissions and other rewards as you influence sales. We use a patented Waves payout model to ensure you are rewarded for your true impact.


The WeR1 Difference

You should be free to choose what you want to promote

You should never have to sign a non-compete

You are your brand we help grow

You will be appreciated for your discounts

You should be rewarded with more than just money

At WeR1, we believe that the value of an influencer's impact goes beyond their direct followers. That's why we use a patented compensation program that rewards our users for not only what they influence, but also for what their customers influence. Think of it as Waves of Influence.

Read more about what we stand for in the WeR1 Declaration of Independence.

How It Works

Get Started

WeR1 is by invitation only, but anyone can use it! Creating an account is fast and easy. If someone sent you a link, you can find it here.


Explore the many Brands and Products you can now promote! Pick one (or few!) to try and then create a testimonial about.

Don't see a brand you are interested in? Let us know. Our brands are exclusive, high quality, and want to make sure you are successful.


Here's where the magic happens. Easily create your personalized referral link tailored to a specific product or an entire brand. Share it just as easily as you would send a text – or in any way that suits your style! Whether you have a substantial following on social media and want to promote the link there, or if you prefer the charm of a personalized postcard complete with a QR code – it all works seamlessly.


Once connected, every time a purchase you influence is made, you earn commission. Whether or not your link is used.

No minimum requirements.

Indefinite Earnings.

Permanently connected.

And if that's not enough...

Loyalty Points

Earn Loyalty Points across brands and keep track of them in one place.


Take advantage of discounts offered just for being a part of WeR1.


Earn Cashback and watch it accrue on all applicable purchases.


Unlock the Doubler to maximize earnings at as little as $500.


Be invited to breathtaking destinations just for doing what you are already doing.


Participate in all of the Giveaways WeR1 and our partner brands do.


Ever wanted to win a new car?


Find products and people with similar interests.

Declaration of Independence

Declare your independence!

Brand Assets

Unlock all of the assets you need to create successful referrals.

Share Savings

Your referrals will want to thank you for always sharing the best price.

Personal Development

Be inspired to "Be Crazy", until you become "Lucky".

One, Globally

We are constantly adding brands that have partnered with WeR1 to connect with customers around the world. WeR1 has experience helping brands expand globally, which allows you to share products, even if they are in a different country or continent.

Ready to Start?

Get paid for doing what you're already doing. Share products you love.

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