WeR1 Declaration of Independence

In the year 2011, we embarked on a mission to disrupt the Direct Selling Industry, guided by what we call the "ARIIX Bill of Rights." Together with tens of thousands of families from across the globe, we achieved a remarkable $1.6 billion in sales. Our revolutionary approach liberated individuals from the constraints of outdated thinking, providing them with newfound rights and safeguards within an industry that once sought to control rather than empower them as independent business owners. Now, as we usher in the year 2024, we stand poised to take the next significant step forward.

We implore you to set aside your preconceptions about self-employment, side hustles, direct selling, MLM, and affiliate marketing. The world is undergoing rapid transformations in how we are influenced and why we make purchasing decisions. Most companies find themselves uncertain about where to allocate their marketing budgets, and individuals seeking side hustles are left in a state of ambiguity, unsure whether to take on a second job, drive for ride-sharing services, or engage in e-commerce.

"...you are free to select, promote, or endorse that which you cherish without fear of encumbrance."

For over three decades, we have meticulously crafted reward and commission plans that led to billions in sales and sought to enhance the reputation of an industry with a century of history. However, we now discern that the future lies in a paradigm shift yet to be explored.

Enter "WeR1”, the first entity to harness the potency of beloved retail brands, infuse novel dimensions into Affiliate Marketing, retain the virtues of community and residual income from MLM, and expunge all the hidden snares that often accompany enticing "lifestyle promotions." We are committed to ensuring that you are free to select, promote, or endorse that which you cherish without fear of encumbrance. This freedom is immeasurably more valuable than the elusive promise of becoming one of the less than 1% who "win the lottery" in a scheme controlled by owners whose actions differ from their fine print.

At WeR1, no entity possesses ownership over your influence, your diligently cultivated customer base, or your exclusivity. You retain the liberty to explore alternative options. Our philosophy is simple: We exist to facilitate your connection with the brands you are passionate about, amplifying your influence, not ours. Brands reward you for the genuine impact you exert.

"At WeR1, no entity possesses ownership over your influence..."

We renounce any attempt to denigrate other brands and proclaim our exclusivity. Such claims are patently false, and both you and your customers are astute enough to discern their insincerity. We applaud competition, as it compels us all to excel, provide value, and kindle innovation. The choice rests firmly in your hands.

We abandon the practice of issuing directives that dictate your every action. Your future, the products you venerate, and your chosen path lie under your control. Your tastes and convictions are honored, and we remain dedicated to sourcing exceptional brands and minds that resonate with your passions.

In the words of Dr. Fred Cooper, "Choose what you love and love what you choose!" At WeR1, you are free to congregate with the like-minded individuals you choose. Whether it's health and wellness, beauty and anti-aging, or any other area that piques your interest, we welcome your enthusiasm. As your influence grows, our commitment is to facilitate your pursuits, unite you with your community, and celebrate the essence of what inspires you. Leave authoritarianism at the doorstep when you embark on your journey with WeR1; we are here to revel in the joy of discovery.

"Choose what you love and love what you choose!"

We will never impose a single way or demand blind adherence to a predetermined business plan. Your freedom remains inviolate, and we shall never coerce you into affection for any particular aspect of our offerings. This is Independence 101, and we are merely embarking on this remarkable journey.

We embrace the law of abundance. You possess the autonomy to discern what you hold dear and express your preferences freely. If you champion a brand not offered by WeR1, we shall not threaten or coerce you into silence. We advocate for respect, tolerance, and love for others' choices.

No longer shall you be subject to the onerous practice of "pay to play." There are no extravagant upfront requirements for the privilege of earning the highest commissions. We have eliminated the need for monthly minimum qualifications to be deemed "Commission Eligible," liberating you from the constraints of "pay to play."

No longer shall you be subject to the onerous practice of "pay to play."

We pledge not to engage in or permit any form of coercive tactics. Such behavior is not only unethical but also runs counter to the spirit of building relationships with brands that you adore. Our mission is to assist you in expanding your influence and uniting with kindred spirits. If you seek a stringent and authoritarian hierarchy, you should explore opportunities with companies that delight in dictating your actions and preferences.

What's on the horizon? After dedicating over three decades to empowering individuals to pursue their financial aspirations, foster personal development, kindle self-worth, rekindle dreams of grandeur through entrepreneurship, and unite communities worldwide, it is time for a fresh approach. We beckon you to help chart our course forward and invite others to collaborate in this endeavor. We are on the cusp of defining what comes next, and we eagerly anticipate your contribution to this journey.

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