How Rewards Work

Share Double The Love

Share Discounts

Share exclusive discounts with your network and earn rewards for every purchase made through your shared links. Your connection turns into tangible savings for your people, creating a win-win scenario.

2x Loyalty Points

Keep track of all the loyalty points offered by affiliate brands in one easy to manage location. Redeem for product, additional discounts, and more. Your referral will earn them too, doubled just like yours.


Share immediate cashback and watch the savings add up. All of this on top of discounts, what more could you want? Your friends will thank you for the hook up.

Earn with Waves


At WeR1, your network grows in waves of influence, creating a powerful ripple effect for your earnings. When someone you refer joins, they become your first wave. As your first wave members bring in others, they become your second wave, and the pattern continues.


Each product has a commission rate, let's say 10% for our example. Here's how it breaks down:

Referral Wave

First Wave

Second Wave

Third Wave

Fourth Wave

You Earn





This pattern continues down the waves with the commissions halving on each level, right down to the last $0.01.

Doubler Bonus

How do we do it?

For every week you earn at least $500 in commissions from waves across all brands, you unlock the Doubler Bonus. Earned $500 this week? We'll send you a $500 bonus. and it gets even better - we double it if you hit $1,000, $2,000, or even $4,000. Picture this: collecting $8,000 in one week for earning $4,000 in commissions. Not too shabby, right?

Travel Reward

Experience breathtaking destinations and unbelievable adventures provided by brands you are promoting. That's it! You will be eligible for our yearly trip just for doing what you are already doing, sharing products.

We are headed to Cancún this year, you in?


Everybody likes FREE stuff

Lucky for you we give a lot of it. Earn entries with activities such as following, posting, purchases, referrals, and more.

Check out our current Giveaways and past winners below!


What are your chances?

At WeR1, we like to have fun! That's why we have Sweepstakes throughout the year where we give away large ticket items. How large? Think cars, trucks, boats, UTVs, and the like.

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