Privacy Policy

Last updated: June 28, 2023 

Your Privacy

At WeR1 (“We”, “Us”, “Our”), we are committed to protecting member (“You”, “Your”) privacy and personal information. The following describes the information WeR1 collects and how it is used or shared. If you do not want WeR1 to use your information in the ways described below, do not use WeR1 Products.

Information We Collect 

WeR1 can obtain information that users voluntarily provide. To use WeR1 Products and create an account, you must provide a valid email address and a name that will be associated with your account. You may choose to provide other information on your account, such as a birthday, bio, location, or gender. You can also leave reviews on products or other comments. This information will be available to other WeR1 visitors and members. 

Other WeR1 users can share information about you when they make comments or posts. We can also collect this information. 

Other information we obtain might be provided by you when you contact customer support. This may include your name, member information, the issue at hand, and any other information that might be relevant or needed to resolve the issue. 

If you earn wave distributions (or 1Cash), you need to supply additional financial data (e.g. credit card and account numbers, transaction details, and form of payment). If you intend to sell through WeR1, you may need to provide additional information to verify your identity and financial information for you to benefit from your sales. If you elect to use WeR1’s payment service, you will be required to provide information including your full name, social security number, tax ID or identification ID, photograph, date of birth, bank account information, credit card information, and other proof of identification so we can verify your identity and provide this service while complying with relevant laws. 

WeR1 also automatically collects information when you use our Products, including our Site and our mobile App. This can include your IP address, other unique device identifier, your mobile operator, browser type, or the version of mobile app you are using. Depending on the permissions you grant WeR1, we may also collect information such as your operating system, device settings, hardware version, file and software names, and battery and signal strength. With your permission, we may also collect your geographic location, such as through GPS, WiFi, or Bluetooth. WeR1 will also automatically collect data about your usage of the site, such as the pages you visit and how you interact with those pages (like clicking on a link or the duration of time on a page). 

Some information will be required for Influencers and Sellers. 

Use of Information 

We collect data to verify your account and activity. Information collected about your device and location can help us prevent user fraud and notify you when it appears someone else may have logged in to your account. Collecting information on your use of WeR1 Products (such as pages you visit and interact with) also helps us personalize your experience and facilitate advertising based on your interests. We may also use this information to make suggestions and measure your response to advertisements. Collecting this data on use of WeR1 Products can also alert us to violations of our policies and help us make the WeR1 experience a safe and quality experience for all. 

We may collect information to perform research and test user experience for our Products and Products that are in development. We may analyze the information we collect to improve our Products and services and resolve issues.

We use your member information to contact you about our services, give you updates, let you know about changes to our policies, and respond when you contact us.

Sharing of Information 

You voluntarily share information by creating an account on WeR1 products. You also share information about yourself (including your WeR1 member name and potentially a photo) when you make a comment or do a review of a product. Sellers, when you create a [Shop] for your Brand, you share information about your product(s) and yourself.

Understand that this content is public and other WeR1 users may decide to download or share content you upload, post, or share. Other WeR1 users can also share information about you, such as sharing your Brand name or product, sharing a photo of your product, or tagging your Brand name when they make a comment or post. 

WeR1 partners, those who provide a service on WeR1 Products, will also receive information regarding your interaction with their service. These third parties can also access any public information, such as your public account information.

In the case that WeR1 Products are transferred to a new owner, understand that we may also transfer your information to the new owner.

Your privacy is important to us. We will not sell, distribute, or make public your personal information to any third parties, except as required by law. Governmental authorities, such as (but not necessarily limited to) tax authorities may require WeR1 to gather and pass on personal information. Personal information may include but is not necessarily limited to your full name and address, credit card information, tax identification numbers, and comparable financial and personal information. Additional information may be required of Sellers. See our Seller Policy for full details. WeR1 may use other information without using your name. This will be kept within WeR1 and not disclosed to a third party.

WeR1 may use other information without using your name. This will be kept within WeR1 and not disclosed to a third party.

WeR1 Rights to Content 

When you post content—such as a comment or photo—on WeR1 Products, you grant WeR1 a license to use it. We never claim the content as our own. We use and share content posted by Sellers to promote Seller products to other Sellers and Buyers based on their listings, searches, and use of WeR1 Products. This permission also allows WeR1 to make certain adjustments to content, such as enhancing or resizing a photo or translating content into a different language as needed.

Information Provided to Sellers on WeR1 

WeR1 and Sellers both collect buyer personal information and are both controllers of data. When you purchase an item through WeR1, you also provide information to Sellers, which can include your name, address, billing address, and payment information. Sellers must abide by standards to protect buyer’s privacy, outlined below. During checkout, we may store credit card information, billing address, and other information to process your transaction and for billing and payment. Members in some countries may choose for WeR1 to remember their information to make future purchases easier. 

Protecting Buyer Privacy 

If you are a Seller, you agree to abide by all relevant legal requirements regarding protecting buyers’ personal information. Relevant legal requirements include data protection and privacy laws that govern the use of user information. You may be required to post and comply with your own privacy policy, which must be accessible to WeR1 users. Your privacy policy must be compatible with this policy.

Sellers may use buyer information obtained from WeR1 transactions only. Under certain laws, you may be required to comply with requests from buyers regarding data access, correction, deletion, portability, and objections to processing. You may not contact the buyer for any reason outside of the WeR1 transaction. This includes but is not limited to:

Do not disclose personal information without the buyer’s consent. You are responsible for all disclosures, which includes unintentional data breaches. Do not use buyer information for unauthorized transactions or unsolicited commercial messages or use the buyer’s personal information for marketing purposes. Do not add the buyer’s email or contact information to your personal emailing list or contacts without the buyer’s consent.

Understanding this standard of consent is your responsibility as a Seller. If WeR1 and you are joint controllers of personal information, and if WeR1 is fined, sued, or otherwise incurs expenses due to your actions as a joint data controller of buyer personal information, you agree to indemnify WeR1 for the expenses it incurs.