Be Rewarded for your Influence

With our Rewards Plan, you can earn commissions, bonuses, giveaways, and more all for simply giving your friend the best possible price.

How Rewards Work

Share Discounts

Once you have an account, find a brand and start to make recommendations.

Any of those brands are willing to let you increase the rewards that are available on their website.

Create your personalized link and send it to anybody you want offering an incredible deal: the best price they can find.

Earn with Waves


Earn commissions for every recommended product purchase, from 10% to 20% of the purchase price.


You don't just earn once; you earn continuously in a patented way

For each referral made by your original referral, you'll receive 50% of the original commission.

This wave of rewards continues to ripple down the referral chain until the last penny.

Doubler Bonus

How do we do it?

For every week you earn at least $500 in commissions from waves, you unlock the Doubler Bonus. Earned $500 this week? We'll send you a $500 bonus. The bonus pays out at the following tiers:

Wave Earnings





Doubler Bonus





Travel Reward

Be invited to breathtaking destinations and unbelievable adventures, all for just sharing a link. That's it! You will be eligible for our yearly trip just for doing what you are already doing, sharing products.

We are headed to Cancún this year, you in?


Everybody likes FREE stuff

And lucky for you we give a lot of it. Earn entries to have a shot at winning anything from a toy car to a Lamborghini.

Sign up to find out what we are giving away next!

Benefits for WeR1 Partners



Coming Soon

Stay tuned for updates on the exciting giveaways that are coming up!

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