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Everybody likes free stuff! And lucky for you we give a lot of it. Earn entries to have a shot at winning anything from a toy car to a Lamborghini.


Know you are receiving and can share the best price on any product associated with WeR1.


It's in our name! Unlock opportunities to connect, network, collaborate, and grow through partnerships and friendships that amplify your reach.


Don't just get paid for your referral one time. WeR1 makes sure you are paid EVERY time a customer you referred makes a purchase, whether it be once, monthly, or every 10 years.

The WeR1 Difference

At WeR1, we believe that the value of an influencer's impact goes beyond their own following. That's why we've created a unique and patented compensation that rewards our influencers for not only what they influence, but also for what their customers influence. Think of it as Waves of Influence.


Find products that match who you are and what you like


Share the best deal available on products you are recommending with your friends and followers.


Thrive in the influencer economy in partnership with your favorite brands and easy-to-use links.

One, Globally

Brands like Peter Lamas, Made with Care, and Ioma Paris have partnered with WeR1 to connect with Influencers around the world. WeR1 has experience helping brands expand globally, which allows you to share products, even if they are in a different country or continent.

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